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Zodiacs Articles

Commandos honour mates lost to The Rip

THE weather was calm at Point Lonsdale on a midweek evening 50 years ago, but 50 years ago weather forecasts were not yet reliable. By nightfall a massive storm came through and all hell broke loose. Soon, three young Victorians were dead and more than 70 others were rescued more

Your Choice

WE will never forget the sights along the Antarctic Peninsula after our rough crossing of the Drake Passage. To glide above crystal clear water in our Zodiacs, through huge blue and green ice formations that had broken away from the mainland, was awesome. Penguins of every type, huge wheeling albatrosses, more

Solo Race Augury For Games

I MUST confess I'm not into omens, zodiacs, lucky numbers or whatever, but if an omen can be read into this, then I'm all for it. Sydney has won the right, overcoming bids by Melbourne, Hobart, Auckland and Wellington, to be host city for the southern ocean leg more

Sub Winner Of Friendly War Games

For a really satisfying game of pin the anti-nuclear sticker on the submarine, you need: two dozen protesters; some police launches and inflatable zodiacs; a few media helicopters buzzing overhead; the odd boatload of tourists and fishermen and a nuclear-powered submarine, in this case the USS Omaha
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